Emma is singing into a microphone with her eyes cosedand playin electric guitar. In the background off to her side is Rob playing bass slightly in the shadow.

Emma Dilemma is a beautiful contradiction of darkly cheerful electrified folk music. Country and Appalachian roots meets the reality of the modern world as simple three chord pop melodies are fleshed out into lush innovative arrangements. Her voice carries shades of country combined with the lyrical poetic honesty of Leonard Cohen to create songs that are as much old time spirituals as they are immediately relevant. In her words and melodies, the world of the intimately personal meets the hard edge of reality.

Currently based in Nashville, TN Emma is a classically trained choral singer and formerly one half of the folk punk duo Chicken Little. In her solo work, she evokes unexpected feeling in her audiences as they are baited with Americana roots they recognize, only to find the melodies, sound, and lyrics stray in new and uncharted directions.


Emma's debut album So Becoming was released June of 2018 on Urgency Records! You can also purchase it on vinyl LP here


What people are saying about So Becoming...


"Dilemma's voice wafts between a beacon shining above the swirl of her strumming and a gentle lilting just below the surface of her melodies. So Becoming is a bit of a free-floater, but it all ties together as a neat package by the end. Some songs are more distinctive than others, but it's clear that this is an album that deserves repeated listens."

            - Rachel Cholst, Adobe and Teardrops



"Emma Dilemma has a wonderful, accessible sweetness to the sound. The strum pattern works to gently usher in the soft and trustworthy lead vocal. In short, you feel like you’re listening to an old friend. Soothing like a cup of tea.”

             - Ear to the Ground Music


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